Instant shelters and accessories with staying power

Surf & Turf is North America’s leading supplier of custom shelters, gazebos, marquees and other branded products and accessories. We’ll help you catch the eyes of passers-by and shield you from all weather.

Our shelters and branding solutions can be tailored to the needs of your event or organization, including:

  • Motorsports: Rallies, karting, motorcycle road racing, and more.
  • Events: Meetings, country shows, festivals, parties and markets.
  • Sports: Football, rugby, horse racing and fishing, among many others.
  • Exhibitions: Trade shows, conferences and business expos.

Events are exciting occasions, brimming with potential. But without the right cover and accessories, your brand could slip by unnoticed, or a downpour could rain on your parade. Surf & Turf have been helping customers shine at events for over 15 years with instant shelters, gazebos, marquees and all the kit they need to make an impact.

We tailor our solutions to meet the needs of clients, no matter the budget or industry. We match the size, design, price and accessories to the requirements of your organization to ensure you’re not just receiving a fantastic product, but a superior service too. Our shelters are robust, yet easy to assemble, and with custom design and branding available, they’ll certainly draw the attention of your event’s attendees.

Many of our products come with instruction manuals to minimize your efforts, demonstrate the correct installation methods and to maximize the longevity of your investment. YouTube videos can also be found for all our shelters.