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GYBE Inflatable Star Tent

  • GYBE Star Tents
  • GYBE Star Tents
  • GYBE Star Tents
  • GYBE Star Tents
  • GYBE Star Tents
  • GYBE Star Tents
  • GYBE Star Tents
  • GYBE Star Tents
  • GYBE Star Tents
  • GYBE Star Tents

Eye catching event structure.

The GYBE Star lounge is a modern, eye catching event structure. Using a central inflatable column, it is lightweight and simple to set up!


GYBE Star Tent Sizes and Specification

Dimension 11m 14m
Height 5.4m 6.2
Width 11m 14m
Length 11m 14m
Floor Area 78m2 127m2
Useable Floor Area 24m2 39m2
Clearance Height 2.2m 2.45m
Weight 20kg 28kg

Supporting Column

GYBE Star Tents supporting column

The inflatable support column is manufactured using a Dacron-shell. Using a elastic PU-foil for the hermetical interior bladder.

Using technology from the kite surfing industry, this material has been tested to the limit under the hardest conditions!

Light Column

GYBE Star Lounge Light Column with remote control

Available as an added the extra, the integrated 12v LED light band with 120 RGB-diodes per meter spreads over the whole height of the support structure. The column is able to reproduce all colours in the RGB colour spectrum.

You have the benefit of being able to control all the colour shade functions using the touch remote control.


Extreme Durability

Like all of our products, full customization is possible. From canopy and side colours, to the stitching, everything can be bespoke.

The Star lounge can be a perfect advertising platform, with branding available on the roof and walls. Visual impact that works!

What's Included

Each Star Lounge comes with the main structure, inflatable support column, pegs, transportation bag, double action hand pump (12v battery or mains pump upgrade available), and construction aid.

Side walls and LED band available as an added extra.


Set Up Times

11m 14m
Double action hand pump 20 Min 25 Min
12 V battery pump 15 Min 18 Min
220 V battery pump 10 Min 12 Min
Items included with the GYBE Star Lounge
GYBE Star Lounge Light Column