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Custom Inflatable Arch



A clear sign of success.

For sporting and charity events, there’s no better finish line in sight than our Inflatable Arches, the perfect complement to a race, team activity or club pursuit. From marathons to motorsports, these branded inflatables announce your passion to the world, giving you a practical yardstick for outdoor activity.

Fully customisable with your colours and branding, with multiple shapes and sizes available, our arches ensure that your business or sports team will never be shy of exposure. With an Inflatable Arch, forget about being at the sidelines – you’re the main event!

  • Great markers for sports events
  • Make it easy for visitors to find you
  • Promotional opportunities that can’t be ignored
  • Plenty of space for both your own and sponsors logos
  • Almost endless possibilities
  • Can sew velcro locations for removable banners for events with yearly sponsors.

Below are some of our popular sizes, but any size is possible, just contact us for details!

13ft Diameter
16.5ft Diameter
20ft Diameter
23ft Diameter
26ft Diameter
29.5ft Diameter
33ft Diameter

Our inflatable arches can be made with or without T-shaped legs, depending on your requirements and available space.



As with our other Inflatable products we welcome custom orders and we can make our arches to any size or colour.


A step-by-step guide to inflating your archway:


Surf & Turf Inflatable arches are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Terms and conditions apply.