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Printed PVC Banners



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Our premium durable Printed PVC Banners are perfect as a weatherproof promotional display tool.

Manufactured from industrial grade PVC and printed using the latest in solvent or UV printing technology – with 12 months manufacturer warranty, they are built to last.

Our printed PVC banners are hemmed and finished using high-quality eyelets, or alternatively, we can finish with sleeves if a pole fitting is to be used.

We can manufacture these to any size, with many finishing options. Get in touch with our team for your requests!

About Our Printed PVC Banners

Our PVC Banners are the perfect promotional or advertising solution for any need. We’ve supplied custom PVC Banners to suit a race finish line – on the side of football pitches, dealerships or quite simply outside a small market stall.

Due to their lightweight nature – rip resistant material and is waterproof. As a promotional tool, they’re second to none.

With options for either eyelets or sleeves – you’ve got the ability to attach your PVC banner to anything ranging from walls, fences or poles.

Why Choose us for your custom printed PVC Banners?

Our selection of high-quality printed PVC banner sizes leave little left not available. But if you need something bespoke, then our expert design and manufacturer team will help provide a solution to your exact needs.

Not only that – everything we do comes with our 12-month manufacturer warranty.

Product Specifications

450gsm PVC – Rip/Tear Resistant & Waterproof

Hemmed and finished with eyelet or sleeves

High-quality solvent or UV printers

Are PVC Banners waterproof?

Rest assured – rain will not affect your custom print. The PVC banners are built to last and are perfect for outdoors and indoors too.

Do you offer other Sizes?

We’ve never failed to find a solution so please get in touch with our team and we will gladly customise something for you. Contact Us 

How do I look after my PVC Banner?

As sturdy as they are – extreme weather conditions can cause issues – so if there are high winds we always recommend taking down your banner.

The manner in which you fix the banner will also determine it’s life. Our Inks last a long time – but if a banner is in a high wind area fixed loosely then this will reduce the lifespan. Rest assured we offer a 12 month guarantee.

Simple soap and water should remove any dirt.

Will you help me design my PVC Banner?

Of course – we love working closely with clients on projects – just get visit our contact us page here 

Do you offer any other promotional banners?

We do! We have a full range of promotional banners . If you’re looking for similar banner types we offer a range or PVC Banners, Heras (Aerotex) Fence Branding and Promotional Pop-Up Banners.


Surf & Turf Pop Up Banners are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Terms and conditions apply.


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