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Valance Wraps



Perfect branding solution for event attenders and artisans that sometimes require a plain coloured shelter, but still want the option to showcase their brand where event organizers allow.

Make your event presence spectacular from 360 degress, with a valance wrap. Our fully printed banners are designed to wrap around your instant shelter, creating a stunning visual effect.

Tailored to fit any of our Instant Shelters, these banners give the look of a fully printed valance. Easy to attach and remove, you don’t need to adapt your canopy to attach the valance wrap.

Available with full colour printing on all four sides, our in-house design team can help you perfect the branding of your banner, or incorporate existing artwork for you.

Our Valance wraps are ideal for:

  • Events, markets, exhibitions and shows
  • Brand and product promotions
  • Events companies who hire our shelters

Available for all shelters up to 15ft x 10ft in size for the best result.
20ft x 10ft also available if needed.