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10ft x 10ft Robusta Pop Up Gazebo



Our 10ft x 10ft pop-up gazebo is one of our most popular sizes. Our shelter is a professional and cost-effective solution to protect your outdoor activities from the elements.

Our Robusta model is our entry-level range which does not scrimp on quality. This instant shelter uses a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame. Constructed from 1.2mm gauge box steel along with a costed mesh polyester canopy means it’s not your usual “budget” range.

This is perfect for commercial use such as events – or those of you looking for a long-lasting high-quality shelter for your garden.

About Our 10ft x 10ft Pop Up Gazebos

Our 10ft x 10ft small pop up gazebo is a perfect budget-friendly solution for your outdoor living needs.

This model sits as a mid-range sized model and is our most popular. It offers enough space for more people to be sheltered and creates a more ideal environment for shelter under any conditions.

Perfect for commercial events or a domestic event such as a garden party or BBQ. This is one of our smallest offerings so it is perfect where floor space is limited.

Our Robusta range, whilst being the most budget-friendly, is still made with commercial quality in mind. Not only waterproof, weatherproof, and fire retardent, but it also comes with a high-quality steel frame and premium canvas and materials. Ensuring it is waterproof and windproof – keeps you outside no matter what the weather brings.

Don’t be fooled by budget either, this is a high-quality steel frame with a premium Canopy & joining materials. With a range of 16 colours, it suits any setting.

Even though it’s larger than your usual gazebo – the mechanisms remain the same. It’s still simple and easy to pop up in situ. No matter the situation, you can easily erect your gazebo in minutes. It also comes in a handy carry bag, making storage and portability easier. Our canopy cover bag also ensures longevity and durability.

As with all our shelters, this 10ft x 10ft gazebo has the option for sidewalls which help create a waterproof and windproof enclosed space.


  • Constructed from 1.2mm gauge box section steel which is white powder coated
  • Heavy-duty quick-release pull pin joints
  • 5 position, fully adjustable height settings
  • Fully welded steel footplate
  • All framework assembled with machine nut and bolt for ease of maintenance


  • Manufactured from 380g per Sq metre high quality, close mesh polyester, PU coated to ensure fully waterproof.
  • Double-stitched with reinforcing on stress areas where the frame joints touch the canopy.
  • Inner velcro pieces to fix the pitch of the canopy to the framework. This aids in a neat, professional look while further preventing rain from pooling.
  • All seams tape sealed
  • UV treated
  • Canopy Securing Bolts. These are a vital feature and ensure the canopy is attached correctly to the frame. Over time they also keep the canopy tight, giving a more professional look.
  • Canopy Protector Bag (see included accessories)
  • Flame Retardent ULC – S109 CPAI 84 NFPA – 701 (with fire certificate)


  • Manufactured from the same 380g per Sq metre high quality coated mesh polyester, PU coated to ensure fully waterproof.
  • Sides fix to the canopy with a continuous velcro quick fix system, giving the best seal between the canopy and sides.
  • Each panel has zipped ends and can be fixed in any position to suit the conditions of the day. When zipped together it also ensures a watertight and windproof seam on all corners as well as a tight and professional look.
  • Reinforced zipped areas: Our sidewalls have a double material reinforced area around the zips. This gives maximum strength to this stress area. Being able to quickly remove one or more panel(s) for more exposure is a major benefit to Traders and Exhibitors.
  • No.8 Zips, all our sides feature No.8 zips for strength and reliability.
  • The shelter has two window panels with blinds, one door panel, and one solid panel
  • Door Stoppers. All of our door panels are finished with high-quality PVC stoppers
  • Cut Out Corners: For ease of use, all of our side walls have cut angled corners, designed to make joining the walls as easy as possible.
  • Joining Strip: Our sidewalls are designed to be a tight fit; this ensures they look neat and professional. If you struggle to join the last side, use the additional joining strip we provide with all sidewall kits, free of charge.
  • All the sides are interchangeable to suit the conditions of the day.


Cover Bag – The Robusta shelter comes complete with a cover bag for storage and transportation.
Canopy Protector Cover – This drawstring bag goes over the canopy when the frame is packed down, prior to putting the shelter in the bag. It assists in the protection of your canopy and stops it from getting marked by the frame bag.
Anchor Stakes & Tie-Down Rope – Your frame will come with a pouch containing anchor stakes and tie-down rope for use on soft ground.


  • Frame packed size – 61″ x 9″ x 9″
  • Sidewall in bag – 18″ x 18″ x 6″
  • Canopy – 22″ x 14″ x 3″
  • Frame weight – 53lbs
  • Canopy weight – 14lbs
  • Sidewall weight – 26lbs


The Robusta Shelter is covered by a 12-month manufacturers warranty

A comprehensive list of spare parts are kept in stock ready to ship should you need them.

Terms and conditions apply.


A step-by-step guide to constructing your canopy:


Unsure about which shelter grade you need?

Check out our guide here